Vintage Style Fixture, Gun Metal with Black Cord

Vintage Style Fixture, Gun Metal with Black Cord | Zogies Deals

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  • Perfect for LED Edison bulbs: pair this vintage pendant light fixture with GE LED Edison light bulbs. Show off your Edison bulbs without using a lamp shade.
  • Elegant, classic style pendant lighting: the gun metal finish with detailed accents complements both traditional and modern decor. Replace your kitchen light fixtures to create an elegant twist on traditional pendant lights with Edison light bulbs.
  • Adjusts to fit large vintage light bulbs: this pendant light fixture includes a matching gun metal extended trim ring to cover the metal base of large vintage bulbs.
  • Easy to install pendant light fixtures: this pendant light kit installs easily with included mounting hardware and wire nuts. This light fixture will mount to both flat and sloped ceilings.
  • Adjustable length hanging light: the adjustable 72-inch black pendant light cord can be shortened to fit your space. Replace your dining room light fixtures, hanging bulbs from your desired length.