Trendy and fashionable dog paw print projection necklace

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Welcome to the world of Style and Personality, we proudly present On Trend Fashion Dog Paw Print Projection Necklace. This is a unique jewelry that combines the affectionate remembrance between you and your lovely pet with a unique design, presented on the necklace through projection technology, making you miss your furry companion all the time.

Features and functions:

UNIQUE DOG PAW PRINT DESIGN: Each necklace is designed with delicate dog paw print, which is lovely for you

A unique tribute to your pet. Unique and touching, this design will keep your pet forever in your heart.

High-definition projection: The built-in projection gem has high-definition, which can project your uploaded photos to ensure that the details of the image are clearly visible.

FASHIONABLE STYLE: This necklace is not just sentimental, it's stylish too. It combines your favorite pet with the trend, adding a lot of color to your style.

When placing your order, you will have the opportunity to upload the photos you wish to project.
Our technical team will carefully process your photos to ensure that the image on the projection stone is perfect.

Treasure the love of pets: This trendy and fashionable dog paw print projection necklace is not only a jewelry, but also a symbol of the affectionate memory between you and your pet. It will forever embed your pet's footprints in a gemstone, and each wear is a beautiful tribute to the deep bond between you and your pet.