Rad recovery ball for back and neck

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Find victory in visceral release with the RAD Centre, the key to mobilizing your organs and activating the critical bodily systems that live within your abdominal walls. This soft-touch ball also ID?s knots like a pro?scanning skin to identify tight spots in dire need of release.
Multi-use massage, mobility and recovery belly ball with a lifetime guarantee Improves digestion, relieves muscle tension, increases mobility and aids in recovery through self myofascial release Soft, air-filled ball / made of high quality PVC that grips the skin and wipes clean 11 + USES / Designed for belly, upper back and IT bands. Can also use on rotator cuff, deltoid, pecs, serratus, quads, hamstrings and more IDEAL FOR / aiding in digestion, health and wellness, pre-workout, post-workout, yoga, travel, body maintenance, muscle tightness, muscle pain (neck, shoulders, back, hips, legs, hands, feet), personal training, increasing performance, athletes (soccer, tennis, volleyball, running, cycling, hiking, swimming, basketball, football, baseball, weight lifting, body building, etc.), flexibility, crossfit training, etc.