Kwikset Key Control Deadbolt with the SmartKey

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Kwikset Key Control Deadbolt with the SmartKey Feature FOR MASTER KEYING PROJECTS

Introducing Kwikset's Key Control Deadbolt, featuring SmartKey re-key technology, a revolutionary cost and time-saving alternative to master keying. Re-keying a traditional master key system is labor intensive, time consuming and costly. This is the first two-cylinder Key Control Deadbolt and both cylinders can be re-keyed in seconds, without removing the lock from the door. Retain your one-key access to all units (master key) and gain more flexible key management, all while saving time and money. The new Key Control Deadbolt is the perfect alternative to master keying. (UL Listed model number is Kwikset 817)

  • Top concealed cylinder provides one-key control for the property manager
  • Lower exposed cylinder allows unique user keys for the tenant
  • Re-key your user or control cylinder at any time in seconds
  • Maintain key control throughout tenant and employee turnover
  • Both Cylinders Feature the SmartKey Re-Key Technology
  • Increased Efficiency: Re-key the lock without removing from the door and Save time & money by re-keying yourself