False Uncle Norman's 1 Step Pet Bath Sponge As Seen on TV

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erything you need to wash your pet is embedded in the sponge, and Uncle Norman's anti-bacterial properties keeps the sponge clean between uses. 42 special massage bumps on the washing surface help increase the effectiveness of the bath and provides a massage that can help relax your pet. Included conditioner softens your pet's coat. Non-abrasive Formula is safe for your pet's skin. Features:Up to 8 pet washes per sponge - Bathe your dog or cat with much less hassle3 in 1 action contains shampoo, conditioner and odor neutralizerDirections-Wet your pet with water. Saturate with water. Don't start squeezing until the sponge is totally saturated. Squeeze several times to start sudsing action. You can use any side to bathe your pet. Use the massage bumps side to help relax your pet. Wash and bathe your pet keeping your pet and the sponge wet. Rinse your pet with fresh water and dry them.