CVS Health Kinesiology Athletic Tape Strips

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CVS Health Kinesiology Athletic Tape Strips

20 CT, 0.01 lbs. Item # 958907

  • Pre-cut strips for easy use
  • Elastic material for added comfort
  • Effective support for common minor sports injuries
  • Black sports tape
  • 16.4 total feet in length

Sports are a lot of fun, but they can also result in a variety of different types of injuries since you are pushing your body to its limits. If you have an injury, or you want to prevent one, using athletic tape is a great option to consider. Athletic tape is able to support joints and muscles, control the mobility of fingers and ankles, and much more. This kinesiology athletic tape from CVS Health is a great option for giving support to injured or vulnerable places on your body.

You can use it to strengthen your ankles, shoulders, hamstrings, Achilles tendons, knees, and any other joints you may be having trouble with. The tape comes in pre-cut lengths to make it easier to apply and less wasteful. Each roll is 16.4 total feet so you will be able to get many applications with just one purchase.

This tape is made without any natural rubber latex, which makes it safe for use by those who have latex allergies. It is also made to be elastic, which allows you to maintain the proper range of motion you need to continue to perform at your best. Stock up on this kinesiology athletic tape from CVS Health so you have it when you need it.