CVS Health Clay-Based Therapy Hot & Cold Pad Compress

CVS Health Clay-Based Therapy Hot & Cold Pad Compress | Zogies Deals

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  • Reusable, freezable, and microwaveable
  • Provides moist heat therapy for deeper tissue penetration
  • With soft sleeve and adjustable strap

Are you someone who prefers to treat minor injuries with heat or cooling effects rather than using medication? If so, then the CVS Health Clay-Based Therapeutic Hot & Cold Pad could be the perfect product for you.

Studies show that using a heating pad or a cooling pad can be a lot more effective than medication in some cases. Using this pad will give you instant temporary relief as opposed to having to wait for any over-the- counter medications to kick in.

The CVS Health Clay-Based Therapeutic Hot & Cold Pad maintains any desired temperature for a long period of time. With its clay-based design, it helps to retain the therapeutic temperatures you need to get relief and feel better.

This product will conform comfortably to your body so you will feel as comfortable as possible. This pad is made of all-natural and environmentally friendly materials that help to give you the relief you need more efficiently. It also has a comfortable strap and a soft sleeve for maximum comfort.

The radiant energy this product delivers will penetrate your injury evenly, creating a restorative system for hot and cold remedies. By purchasing this product, you are choosing instant, soothing temporary relief from any painful minor injuries or muscle strains. Get back to your busy life by adding this product to your home. It's helpful for the entire family, and always there when you need it.