18K gold fashionable and simple square card with "GOOD LUCK" design versatile necklace

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This 18K gold fashionable and simple square card paired with a versatile necklace designed by "GOOD LUCK" sounds very attractive. Here are the features and descriptions that may be included in this necklace:



Square Pendant: The necklace pendant is a square design, a shape that is generally considered classic and simple.

"GOOD LUCK" MESSAGE: What makes this necklace unique is that it is paired with the word "GOOD LUCK", a positive message that may bring good luck and blessings to the wearer.

VERSATILE STYLE: The simple design of this necklace makes it suitable for a variety of occasions, whether for daily wear or special occasions.

The unique feature of this necklace is the words "GOOD LUCK", which not only adds a special layer of meaning, but also makes the necklace more personal and charming.

All our jewelry are made of stainless steel material. For the gold pieces, we added an 18K PVD gold plating.

This means the colour will last for a really long time . It will not fade easily and it's also an anti-scratch material.

  • 18K Gold Plating .
  • Jewelry isplated gold and doesn’t  with your allergy to body.  
  • Pproducts are made of stainless steel, so waterproof!
  • All products are free of nickel, lead or cadmium.